This is beatiebeatiebeatie, a software prototype for a physical device I hope to start offering in 2022. It's a rhythm / event generator for use with any kind of synthesizer/controller (audio, video, motion control, etc). It will have five CV outputs: one for each sensor and one that gangs all four sensors together. It may also output MIDI or some other protocol over USB. (This prototype outputs MIDI, btw! Thanks, BW!)

This software prototype will probably work on a phone, but it's much easier to use on a large screen.

On the physical verion you will make marks on the pulleys using an erasable pen. Pulleys are connected by rubber band belts. The belts can also have trigger marks drawn on them, but that’s not implemented here.

The sensors will be on goosenecks, allowing you to bend them to sense any pulley or belt. You can also cover / uncover the sensor with your hand to freestyle. (Not implemented in this prototype!)

HAVE FUN! If you'd like to be on the pre-order email list if/when beatiebeatiebeatie goes into production (early 2022), let me know!

Thanks for cheerleading, trouble shooting, code imagining, and helpful feedback: BW, DPWE, TRE, LD, JS, KE, ACB, BBR.


(Click on the interface below to launch the prototype. It may take a few moments to load...)

In general: click on a pulley to select it, then click on a control button in the bottom panel.

Info pulley display at bottom left represents the currently selected pulley. The black stroke is the starting point reference for adding or rotating blips.

To reposition a pully: click a pulley, click MOVE PULLY, click new locaction.

To stack pulleys: click a pulley, click MOVE PULLEY, click pulley you want to be on top of.

To connect pulleys: click a pulley, click MAKE CONNECTION, click on the pulley you want to drive the selected pulley.

To add blips by hand: click info pulley near the edge. Click near existing blip to remove.

To rotate blips: click ROTATE BLIPS then click on info pulley display at desired rotation from black stroke.

To copy/paste blips: select a pulley, click copy, select destination pulley, click paste. You can also copy, rotate blips, then paste back on the same pulley.

You can make complex patterns using ADD STEADY BLIPS in conjuction with delete, rotate, copy, and paste.

To change rotation direction: click a pulley, click CLOCKWISE / ANTI-CLOCKWISE

SYNC-ALL will reset all pulleys to black stroke pointing left.

SYNC-SELECTED will reset only currently selected pulley. Use this with a single blip to freestyle...

White dots are sensors. Only events on a pulley with a sensor will trigger a sound. There are four sensors.

To move sensor: select a pulley with a sensor, click MOVE SENSOR, click a pulley without a sensor. Sensor will switch pulleys.

Grey pulley in center is the motor driver. It’s immutable. A pulley won't move unless it's ultimately connected to this pulley.

beatiebeatiebeatie (c) 2021 Douglas Repetto